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Andromedan´s message, hi everyone, we are some of Andromeda Galaxy. We came for this guy who is writing rigth now for a few words cause he was looking for something in the internet and he found a men´s website who was cantacted by us. This guy who is writing now is like this, he get´s information about some one and he can contact with his spiritual Family or guides and we´re very pleasent to pass this words now. We aproched this man called Alex Collier to do a work down there and was very productive. I can see that this website is going to do a lot of good stuffs around here and we are liking. We didn´t expecteted that some human supose to find us and we´re surprised. The human race is evoluating by the help of some extraterrestrias races too, there is some contactee that is making a good works to expand human beliefs and this is great. Step by step you will again be able to know the truth of yourselves and the truth of Earth history wich is not beeing talked to much around there. This is the begining of your´s awake. The awakening is a process that requires a deep desire of the being, not only on Earth there is souls who are awekening, and it is not easy for the most. You have to pass a huge inner transformation of belives and clean the bolshits that are telling you trough all your lives. Theres is just a few people who are doing this job of tell the truth of who you are and your´s truth history and some of them is being called insane by your supose mental doctors to not tell about those who do not belives. More and more people will be able to found the truth and the number of you that are making spiritual extraterrestrial contacts is growing what is very importante to open the gates of the belives. We are always besides of who are open to tell the truth and opening themselves to the spiritual path. We are in our galaxy right now and talking to you trough the spiritual path. This is your future. The infinit number of possibilyties will open to you, you will see at the right time. We the Andromedans are honored to be a part of that and sure that more humans will open to the galaxy path. You already have every everything you need to do it, belive! The human body is the same for everybody and everybody can make it. We are living and was a pleasure talk to you humans.

We are some of the Andromedans

Chanelling: Marcelo Fernandes de Carvalho

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